Why good girls date bad guys…

Often it starts without warning, the bad guy is charming, he’s attractive, there’s something about him that is unlike the other guys. He’s smart, capable, appears to be the full package. We get sucked in with his smile and those big blue eyes. Our rose-colored glasses go on and we only want to see the good. His stories are riddled with conning people and lying … Continue reading Why good girls date bad guys…

driving for uber earnings

Uber Driver: Latest Earnings – $14/hour (Net)

It’s been a few weeks since my original proof of concept driving with Uber. Despite the low return, I decided to keep driving for several reasons. I’ve been driving every day except for one day I took off (primarily to keep my sanity!). Most days I drive both a morning and evening shift and have found driving is more exhausting than I thought. Though this … Continue reading Uber Driver: Latest Earnings – $14/hour (Net)

intj stress anxiety balance

INTJs and Anxiety / Stress Management

It doesn’t matter who we are or what our personality type is, at some point in our lives we have an overwhelming amount of stress or anxiety about something that we find ourselves needing to manage. As INTJs, going down the whoa is me, victim path, of why does everything awful keep happening to me, isn’t really something we have to worry about. Our issue … Continue reading INTJs and Anxiety / Stress Management