This blog is a set of curated experiences and thoughts from the life and mind of Sara. With her love for technology, it only made sense that these were characterized as little bytes of information downloaded from the brain of an INTJ.  Hence how INTJ Bytes was born.

Sara adores all things love, travel, food, and programming. Haha, don’t ask ; ) She’s a classic INTJ, which if you’re unfamiliar is Introvert iNtuitive Thinking Judging. Want to know your Myer’s Briggs type? INTJ means she spends most of her time lost in her mind, wondering about the world, and why life is the way it is. LOL

Sara’s iPhone App for Dating Singles

In an attempt to help singles navigate dating in this era of many options, Sara launched the My Roster iPhone app in New York, however, it’s become a global sensation for couples and singles alike. Check it out here!

Sara’s Speed Dating & Singles Business

With Sara’s unwavering desire to create the intersections of lives that lead to compatible forever love, she runs a speed dating service in Denver helping both straight and same-sex singles find their special someone! Her venture X Meets Y Dates is quickly gaining momentum, so if you’re single and in Denver, come join the fun!