Manifesting The Ideal Partner – Is It Possible?

Dating experts say that one of the best ways to find that special someone is to visualize them. Really harnessing the power of the mind. They say to think about what qualities the person would have, being as detailed as you can, and then put your energy into it and in theory, life would manifest the person for you. Sure, sounds like a bunch of hokey, but could it actually be true? I know several couples where one of the partners did just this and now they are happily together with a person that fit nearly the entire profile to a T. So let’s do this together, here we go world!

Putting it into practice

If I could imagine the perfect life companion he would probably look like this:

1. Incredibly smart, so smart it makes me want to read or learn more to keep up

2. Considerate, opens the doors for me, the kids, his mother, really anyone and everyone

3. High integrity, a black and white view of right and wrong that doesn’t waver, ever

4. Intentional, lives life with a purpose and passion

5. Disciplined, maintains self-control and doesn’t get side-tracked by temptations

6. Curious, has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge about everything and anything

7. Loving, values family above all, loves pets, kids, people, and life

8. Driven, is passionate about life, chasing a dream, and determined to reach it

9. Accountable, takes ownership in his actions, his part in things, in life, in relationships

10. Open, lives a life of direct and transparent communication, no games, no guessing

The Added Details

If I could specify some of the superficial attributes they’d probably look like this:

1. Taller than me, preferably over 5’7 or 5’8 so I can wear heels comfortably around him

2. Around my age (+/- 3 years) and preferably with a full head of hair

3. Never married/no kids, prioritized ambition, ready for a relationship, takes the initiative

4. Athletic body, not too ripped he looks vain, but healthy where staying active is a priority

5. Doesn’t get drunk, do drugs, or smoke – a glass of wine/beer here or there is fine

What’s Next

I debated whether I’d share this on the blog or not, though elected to for two reasons – (1) just in case this helps you come up with your list or get to your ideal person and (2) to officially set my energy towards this goal.

I suspect some people will read this and think I’m being overly specific or too picky, though in some ways this exercise is supposed to be just that. To list out everything on your dream wish list of the perfect person. Now is it possible to get all these things, maybe? I’m sure a few guys are probably reading this thinking, um yep, I’m all those. With that I’d encourage you to put together your list without any judges in your head, this list should be 100% you, what you want, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Get as specific as you want.

Then send your wishes in the wind, maybe you’ll blog yours too – if so, feel free to share the link in the comments – or maybe you’ll just write it down and hang it on your bathroom mirror. Whatever the method, the goal is to send energy in that direction and let the world respond. Perhaps all those dating experts that recommend this method will be right – I guess there’s only one way to find out!



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