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Uber Explained: Your driver is arriving!

Question: Says my driver is arriving but he’s blocks away stuck in red lights – did I get charged? Highly unlikely. The Uber app automatically senses the driver’s GPS location as it relates to the passenger’s GPS location. When it believes the two are close enough, the app programmatically sends out the message that your driver is arriving now. The driver does not control when … Continue reading Uber Explained: Your driver is arriving!

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Uber Explained: Wait Time – WTF?

Question: There’s wait time on my Uber bill, what’s up with that? That’s correct. As soon as the Uber app shows the GPS coordinates of the driver are in the same location as the rider, it will automatically start a clock. Once that clock counter gets to 2 minutes of the driver waiting it begins charging the rider a few pennies every minute. The important … Continue reading Uber Explained: Wait Time – WTF?