5 Reasons Your Uber Rating Might Be Low

Sure, you may be cute and funny and flirt with the driver, but that’s not everything in the grand scheme of your rating. It may work for some people, but the rest of us that aren’t ego driven rate you on your behavior from a rational stand point. So if you find yourself doing any of these things, you might consider stopping if you want to increase your rating.

1 – You make the driver wait

If you find yourself calling an Uber when you’re not ready, you’re literally financially screwing your driver every minute you make them wait. They barely make minimum wage, so tacking on 5 minutes of idle time so you can change your shoes one more time is going to cost them big time. If you hop in the car and don’t even apologize, it’s probably not going to bode well for you. Make them wait more than 2 minutes, your rating is going to take a hit. Make them wait more than 5 minutes and you not only risk them driving off charging you a cancellation fee, but you can pretty much guarantee a low rating.

2 – You don’t tip the driver

Although short trips in town that cost under $10 don’t typically result in tips, it’s always nice. Though long trips, especially ones where you made the driver go multiple cities over from where they were located likely making them eat the gas and time on the way back, if you want a good rating it’s best to tip. It is your way of saying, thanks for taking me 10-30 miles away, good luck getting back to town. This can be done in cash or in the app. Uber tells you we don’t see who tipped, but what they mean is we don’t see your name. We know exactly who tipped us and who didn’t.

3 – You think you’re clever by rigging the system (updating drop off)

You want to save a few bucks, so you decide to get the driver to go to your friend’s house, wait 5 minutes while your friend decides what dress to wear, then update the drop off location and make us drive you both to your final destination. You think you’re clever because you got the whole trip for $6, but what you did was make us earn $4 for that entire hour being your personal servant. Do this and you’re guaranteed a low rating.

4 – Impacting our car

Our car is our biggest asset, think of it like your laptop for work except we had to buy it. If you scratch it, spill in it, ding it, kick the seats, bring your dog in it, let your kid draw on it, etc. you are impacting our ability to earn money on the next rides. It probably goes without saying, don’t vomit in our car, don’t smoke in our car, etc. We prefer you don’t eat or drink in the car since most people can’t seem to do these things without spilling. We need our car to look pretty, every minute we spend cleaning it up after you is money we lose. Do these things and you’ll get a lower rating.

5 – Not respecting the rules

We respect your boundaries as the passenger and we expect the same as the driver. If we tell you not to open a can of beer in our car, respect it. If we tell you we’re not going to drive more than 10 over the speed limit, respect it. If we tell you there are only X seat belts, don’t try to cram more people in. Constantly asking us to break the laws of the state or disregard our boundaries is going to cost you your rating. Most the rules we don’t make, though we are the ones who penalized and risk losing this entire stream of revenue if you can’t follow the rules.

Other things…

Whether you talk to us or stay silent doesn’t matter. Do what feels right for you. We get plenty of both.

Whether you give us a preference on a radio station or temperature doesn’t matter. Ask away, we want you happy.

Backseat driver, no problem, as long as you’re not a jerk about it if doing it your way makes you happy, we’re happy.

Need to take a phone call, no problem. It’s your ride, use the time as you wish.

Asking to get out a block early or later, no problem. It’s a negligible impact to us, so if it makes you happy let’s do it.


For the most part, unless you’re disrespectful or disregard how time equals money for us, you’ll probably re-earn your rating in no time. Happy riding!


PS – If you think driving for Uber is for you, feel free to use this code to get a sign-on bonus (gives me one too!): https://partners.uber.com/i/sarac13944ui


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