Female Uber Driver – Day 12

As a Tuesday morning, I wasn’t sure how busy things would be. Heading out on the road at 6am, I filled up my tank and then started circling around the Cherry Creek neighborhood until finally a ping came in at 6:22am. The guy made me wait 12 minutes for him. If he wasn’t going to the airport and if he wasn’t in a 2x rate zone, I’d probably have bailed. The guy had stayed out last night drinking and didn’t seem to care that he made me wait. I was the servant and to just do it as he was the payer. Little does he know that’s not really how it works with Uber. I had the power to leave, I just chose not too as financially that would have been dumb.

The guy slept the entire way to the airport. The few minutes he was awake he was cranky and talked to me like I was help. It’s guys like that who give businessmen as a whole such a bad reputation. Needless to say, I dropped him off 35 min later at the airport for a boosted $46.93. I lucked out and got a re-match from a much more pleasant guy. He was in town to visit one of his clients who was headquartered downtown. We talked business, Denver, and mostly travel. He had been contemplating a trip to Fiji, which was one of my favorite places. I dropped him off 45 min later for an un-boosted $22.90.

Downtown wasn’t in the boost zone, just the Highlands and central neighborhoods, so I headed back down to Cherry Creek. Shortly after I got a ping for an UberXL (yay!) from a business man from Pennsylvania staying at one of the Cherry Creek hotels and headed to one of the businesses on Colorado Blvd. He was a nice guy, asked a bit about Uber, talked a little about how he helps entrepreneurs (less early stage, more established), and about his daughter. I dropped him off 13 min later for a boosted $19.54. He asked if I’d take him to the airport tomorrow at 5:00am, sure thing!

I didn’t get any requests on my drive back to Cherry Creek so started circling the area until I got a request from a woman and her son who were headed to a church in Wash Park where he was off to camp. The family was currently living in Singapore for her husband’s work, though was on assignment in Denver and they’d rented a lovely house in one of our most expensive neighborhoods. We talked about United, flying first class, travel, flight routes, etc. It was a fun conversation and I dropped them off 11 min later for a boosted $7.66.

Being that the church was just blocks from my house and I’d already been driving for 4 hours, I decided it was time to head home for breakfast and to kick off the work day.

The afternoon runs

The afternoon didn’t have any boost listed, but the timing worked for my schedule to make a few runs and some more cash so I did my normal shift anyway. It took about 30 minutes before my first run which originated in my neighborhood with a drop off downtown. Most people I find very easy to talk too, but this guy was rather difficult for my personality type. He was a 100% surface level chit chat. The entire 16 minutes was spent saying “Denver’s great” “ya, it’s great” “the weather’s great too” “ya it is”. It’s like he wanted to talk, but maybe he was just too high, I couldn’t tell. In any case, it was the most painful conversation I’ve had so far, nice enough guy, but no substance whatsoever it was weird. I dropped him off downtown for $5.11.

Before I could escape downtown, I got a ping from a young guy headed to RiNo. He was fairly quiet, kept mostly to himself and his cell phone. I dropped him off 12 min later for $5.62. I was shocked to get an instant ping as his apartment building was in the middle of multiple blocks of construction, with no inhabited areas nearby. The lady was from out of town and had some time to kill before heading to the airport (I had been so excited when I saw her suitcase) though she figured she’d go see a movie at the Pavilions. I told her how to save money by taking the free Mall Ride from the theatre to Union Station to catch the light rail to the airport. She was really appreciative. I dropped her off 10 min later for $3.75.

Almost instantly I got a ping from a very large man, almost 7 feet tall and also quite wide. At first I wasn’t sure how comfortable he’d fit in my car, but he seemed to be okay and grateful it wasn’t a little Honda Civic. He was headed out to one of the far Western suburbs, not ideal, but it’s my job so I took him there. We talked about how much Colfax has changed over the years, he was a nice guy. He asked if I’d wait for him at the Game Stop and the Chipotle next door, and I felt bad saying no. Though waiting 20 min to get a $3.75 ride, just doesn’t pay the bills. I dropped him off 20 min later for $8.91.

It took a bit to drive back into the more populated and higher likelihood areas, draining both time and gas money, neither are good for the margins. When I got to downtown, a young couple who had been at the CU Denver campus were heading back home to North Westminster. Not only would that take me 12 miles away from any civilization, they made me wait 5 minutes trying to hunt them down as they wouldn’t stop and stay put. Kids! The girl was crying the whole ride, the man soothing her, but it made for a very awkward 30 minutes. I dropped them off for $18.93.

As soon as I dropped them off, I got a ping from a young guy in a trailer park in Westminster. To say I was skeptical and not thrilled would be an understatement. I’m sure all drivers are focused on trying to avoid places that seem higher risk for scary stuff, but as a woman, I feel even more cautious… Westminster is already one of the more affordable suburbs, so to go to the cheapest part of the cheapest suburb, just left me a little off. Turned out to be a totally nice kid heading home. How he could afford Uber, who knows. I can’t imagine affording it when I was his age. I dropped him off 15 min later for $6.55.

Wanting desperately to get closer to the city as there’s nothing worse than being stranded 15 miles of gas money away during rush hour traffic… though the next ping that came in cancelled while I was in route leaving me to rider to help cover gas back. I changed my status to only give me routes heading to my house, and after no-takers, I clicked offline and called it a night.

In summary

Today I worked 6 hours, did 10 trips, and made $149.65. Uber deduced $25 (half of what I owed them for the required medical check). Leaving me $149.65 – $25 – $20 gas = $105 / 6 hours = $17 / hour (not including car, insurance, taxes, and parking).

More to come,

PS – if you’re interested in joining Uber, you can use my link to get a sign-on bonus: https://partners.uber.com/i/sarac13944ui


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