Uber Explained: Wait Time – WTF?

Question: There’s wait time on my Uber bill, what’s up with that?

That’s correct. As soon as the Uber app shows the GPS coordinates of the driver are in the same location as the rider, it will automatically start a clock. Once that clock counter gets to 2 minutes of the driver waiting it begins charging the rider a few pennies every minute.

The important thing to know is the driver has no control over this. So if you don’t like the wait time being charged or it doesn’t feel right based on when the driver actually pulled up, just contact Uber when you get your bill and explain the situation.

I will say as a driver I’ve had this trigger erroneously before. I was downtown in the land of one way streets. The GPS saw that I was on the other side of the block, just feet from the pickup, but based on the streets, I had to go up a block, over a block, down a block, while sitting in multiple red lights with no right turn. Meaning it took me way longer than 2 minutes to get to the rider so the app started charging and there was nothing I could do.

In this case the rider could easily dispute the few pennies that were overcharged. However, I knew this happened, I was aware of it, so I just emailed Uber when I got home and they removed the wait time as it wasn’t appropriate. How many drivers give up money because it’s the right thing to do, that I can’t say, I only know how I operate. In either case, the rider can always email Uber if they ever have questions or concerns.

Hope that helps!


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