Female Uber Driver – Day 10

I’ve become a walking zombie… far beyond total exhaustion… far from having a moment to myself to just recharge… It was Sunday and we didn’t get to bed until almost 1am. I still had zero Sara time in days. The morning came too soon and I had a 9:30am meeting with my life coach to discuss the state of my discombobulated life. Too many coals on the fire, nothing returning a profit yet, a new flexible way of making money that was burning me from all ends (self-induced of course as I could just not work, and make $0). Though admittedly I am dedicated to seeing this Uber proof of concept through and kind of addicted to watching the earnings accumulate.

Let the Uber begin…

As soon as the session ended, I turned my Uber online and got my first hit about 15 min later. A mother and her two adult daughters who were visiting from Austin Texas. I picked them up from the Botanic Gardens and took them to their hotel downtown. They seemed to be underwhelmed with Denver, and although I don’t want to bash our gardens, I don’t really consider them the high point to Denver. There’s really much more, so I gave them some ideas for other things they could do / see / eat in hopes they’ll leave realizing how awesome our city is. I dropped them off 10 min later for an un-boosted $4.06.

Before they got out, I got a ping from the City Center Marriott a couple blocks away. A woman in her twenties with a huge suitcase – the kind I call the I’m moving to Europe suitcases. She’d been in town for two weeks and I was hoping she’d be heading to the airport, but after starting her trip she was just heading to her rental car a mile up the road in Five Points. She was excited to have her first female Uber drive and was so sweet. Apparently, no one told her we have a light rail from the airport to downtown, so she’d spent hundreds of dollars on this rental car she never used thinking it was necessary. I dropped her off 7 min later for an un-boosted $3.76.

A few blocks away, I got pinged from a guy heading to the City Park neighborhood. He asked me a few questions about Uber, talked about the weather, and I dropped him off 6 min later for an un-boosted $3.75. I started driving south and got a ping from a couple at the Denver Botanic Gardens. At this point I started to wonder if there was an event going on, nope. They were also just in town and thought it was the thing to see. I gave them some tips on Denver as we headed back downtown to their hotel. I dropped them off 10 min later for $3.81.

Bam, another ping came in. A lady at the City Center Marriott heading to the airport. For an Uber driver, getting an airport run during prime airport arrival time is what we live for. The ride out plus a ride back is good money. She was a really cool lady who lived in Denver back in the 90’s and currently lives in San Francisco. We talked about how much has changed – all the construction, downtown’s gentrification, the new airport, etc. I dropped her off 30 min later for an un-boosted $21.65, no tip.

Bam, a re-match. I’m glad I started bringing my cell phone when I help with luggage otherwise I was missing the re-matches and not even knowing it, which totally sucked. I picked up a business man who’d flown in from New Hampshire, connecting in Chicago. His client needed him to be onsite for an early Monday meeting requiring the Sunday flight. We commiserated on the joys of consulting and system implementations. I think he appreciated talking to someone who could completely relate to what he was going through. We had a great conversation about business, employees, strategy, etc. I gave him tips about Denver and dropped him off 36 min later for an un-boosted $27.63. He gave me a $5 tip which was awesome.

Time to rebalance…

Exhausted and a bit hungry, I decided to take a break and set my destination to home. Even though I was 15 miles away, I got no hits because I choose to use the freeway, I really just wanted to get home. As soon as I did, I decided for once in days, screw it, I’d take some Sara time. I was so out of balance, so behind on life, my house was a mess, dishes everywhere, I was behind on my Hello Fresh meals, life was a mess. I needed a break. Especially since I was hosting an event at 5pm for one of my companies.

Today I worked 2.75 hours, did 6 trips, made $64.66 + $5 tips – $15 gas = $54 / 2.75 hours = $20 / hour (not including car, insurance, parking, taxes, etc.).

More to come,

PS – if you’re interested in joining Uber, you can use my link to get a sign-on bonus: https://partners.uber.com/i/sarac13944ui


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