Day 6 – Ambergris Caye Belize

My body must have known how badly I wanted to see a sunrise as I woke up around 5:30am naturally despite the blackout curtains. Fumbling in the dark, I threw on whatever clothes were on top and off I went. In search of the purples and pinks that reaffirm this world is absolutely incredible in every way shape and form. Pair that next to an ocean with the sound of birds in the background and it’s as though you’ve died and gone to heaven. Breathtaking.

One awesome perk about the Park Place Belize is the free coffee that sits at the ready all hours of the day. I grabbed a cup and headed out through the open-air restaurant, down the wooden steps, around the basketball court, and onto the sand. Flip flops were off in no time. My feet crave the feeling of sand and water. A few joggers passed by as I perched myself on a log awaiting the magnificent glory of the sun’s daily visit. The stray cats and dogs occasionally came by to sniff me and see what I was up to.


Then it happened. The oranges came, then the light pinks, and a grand finale with shades of red. Oh how I wished I was a better photographer and could have actually captured something that resembled what my eyes could see. The heat of the day had already started to come in and as soon as the sun took full form catapulting into the sky from it’s dormancy, the day had begun and I was ready to take it on with full force.


First stop breakfast. Back to the room I quickly changed out of my hodge podge of clothes and into something more suitable for the day ahead. After looking through a number of reviews I found Mesa Café. Hopped into the golf cart and I was on my way. The Mesa café is easy to miss, a small black awning tucked off on a side street. Though not one to miss. The restaurant had been run by a couple of Aussie’s until they sold it to an American couple in January. They kept the menu and the charm. The food was clean, healthy, and incredibly delicious. Beautiful presentations, creative flavor combinations. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Best food so far, better than the fancy dinner place last night.

Being the only person in the restaurant, we chatted about the challenges of growing a new business, all the social media platforms, different ways to market, etc. Things us entrepreneurs eat, breath and sleep thinking about. It’s our every day. What’s on TV, who knows, all I do is manage and market my business. Day in, day out. A bit diluted when on vacation, though the work hasn’t stopped, each day is spent with hours tending to the companies. Though it’s the life I signed up for, so no complaints. Heck, I’m in Belize on an island, life is awesome.


Having explored Secret Beach yesterday, and having explored the local beaches on my morning strolls each day, I decided to venture North. Far North. I wanted to see this Tranquility Bay I’d been reading about. Having got smarter since yesterday, I found being a single person in a golf cart, even if my skin says Gringo all over it, I look more like an expat as most tourists come in couples. So I did as the locals do and crossed that draw bridge without paying the tourist tax.

Over the bridge and to the North I went, around the bend, over the intense section of degraded road, and when I got to the juncture for Secret Beach, instead of going West, I went East. The road less travelled.

The road was mostly desolate, with few hotels spaced a decent ways apart.  I’d go long stretches without seeing another human, though unlike yesterday it felt much more comfortable if there was an issue because the area was populated, sparsely, but populated. Patches of the road were worn down and it took a bit of dexterity to maneuver through them, which I enjoyed pretending like I was speed racer. There’s benefits to not having passengers to worry about, the freedom to drive as fast and bumpy as you desire.

The beaches off in the distance were mostly seaweed and I kept going North in hopes of clearer water. When I got just past X’Tan Ha Resort (~45 mins from town), I veered off onto the small sand “road” that clearly hadn’t been used in awhile, dodging fallen palm trees and debris all in the softest of sand that my little golf cart was wondering why on earth I’d chosen as our path. There was no one in sight. Nothing that looked like life. There was an old abandoned hotel, but otherwise it was just me and this noisy polluting golf cart. Oops.


I’d pull over every now and then to take pictures, though the water was full of seaweed and the beach wasn’t conducive to chilling as it hadn’t been cleared in years (or ever?). The weight of the golf cart was starting to sink a bit more into the sand than I was comfortable. About 15 minutes in, when I started to near the property for the Casa Blanca resort, I decided to pull over, relax for a bit, then get on my way back into town. No Tranquility Bay for me.


When I got back into town, realizing the Mesa café was not open in the evenings or the weekends, my only opportunity to revisit them (which felt like a requirement given how amazing it was) was for lunch. So back I went. The lunch was just as incredible as the breakfast.  For breakfast I’d had their English eggs, which came encrusted with a side of delicious purple coleslaw. For lunch I chose the falafel salad, not a vegetarian, but I do love me my veggies and fresh clean delicious veggies were so hard to come by it was exactly what I needed.


Completely satisfied I made my way down the beach to Xanadu Resort, as the locals had recommended it for a in-town beach experience. The beaches in Ambergris are all public which means anyone can walk up on them (which is great if you’re the walker, probably not as great if you’re the patron). Nestling down on one of the lawn chairs by the water, I couldn’t help but notice how calm and tranquil the ocean was. Completely protected by the reef. There was no beach, just a rock barricade that had been built likely to detour corrosion, but who knows.

Remembering from my morning strolls that Ramons just a couple resorts up had an actual beach, that was the next stop. They had a variety of hammocks, which I couldn’t figure out. Either my weight distribution was off or I’m just clueless at hammocks. Though the lawn chairs were quite comfortable as well. The afternoon had already reached it’s peak so the beach was mostly empty, everyone likely getting ready for their evening plans.


Having eaten like a piggie all day and for the last few days, plus all the drinks at the various beach resorts in the afternoon, my body needed a break from dinner. So I took the night off to just chill and relax in the room letting my tummy settle a bit. Around 9pm I headed downstairs to the hotel restaurant for a light snack and found it buzzing from a birthday party for one of the owners. The bartender from the prior night came over and chatted a bit, telling me about the island, things to do, etc. The perfect way to end the night. Though can’t stay out too long, there’s a sunrise tomorrow with my name on it!



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