What it means to be an INTJ entrepreneur…

Being an entrepreneur is no cake walk for any Myer’s Brigg’s type, each encounter their own unique set of challenges based on their personality. I also want to call out, not all INTJ’s are the same, obviously, but more specifically, the INTJ-T’s and the INTJ-A’s have their own set of differences. So this article is focused on what it means to be an entrepreneur through the lens of an INTJ-A. Let’s get started.


As an INTJ, there are a certain set of things in us that are naturally suited for being an entrepreneur:

  1. We are workhorses – literally – tie a rope to us and we’ll pull all day, every day, without breaks, and never complain, driven and disciplined to the core
  2. We are ideators – we can dream up just about anything, and our logical side allows us to figure out if it’s sustainable and practical and then orchestrate a plan to execution
  3. We can where many hats – we aren’t afraid of learning new things, we believe in ourselves, and happily take on any functional skill necessary to successfully execute

I do want to highlight the use of the word functional skill in wearing many hats, which leads us to the things we struggle with… the non-functional skills:

  1. We are not extraverted – the constant hob-knobbing required to get the word out is not only exhausting to us, it’s the least fun thing we can imagine, and hence avoid
  2. We are not feelers – we can be absolutely clueless on what triggers someone’s insecurity, what they find embarrassing, or boring as we don’t have these emotions
  3. We are not afraid of shame – it’s all about managing perception of your image, your brand, your product, being able to slide in ‘I’m great’ comments, not natural at all

The key is depending on the business you want to start, these challenges may not be as big of an issue. However, most businesses do require at least a certain amount of these skills.

Mitigating the Challenges…

As an INTJ, we’re always looking for solutions to any problem, it’s how we’re wired, so with that, what could be some ideas for overcoming these weaknesses:

Extraversion: the need to spread the word and drum up business!

  1. See if your extraverted friends can help get the word out
  2. See if your extraverted friends could be your wingmen as you start hob-knobbing
  3. Hire someone to do the hob-knobbing (assuming you have the budget)
  4. Take the plunge, look at hob-knobbing as a task, and force yourself to just do it

Feelers: the need to be aware of how others will perceive your product/business!

  1. See if your feeling friends can review your product / website messaging
  2. Hire someone to review your product / website messaging (if you have the budget)
  3. Think of one of your feeling friends, then read the messaging as if you were them
  4. Ask random people on the internet for their opinion

Perception management: the need to be seen as great!

  1. Read articles on ‘humble bragging’ techniques and try to get comfortable with it
  2. Think of it as just another task on the task plan, it’s all about crossing it out, go do it!
  3. Hire someone who specializes in this to help you craft a brand image plan
  4. Ask a friend to help (choose one who’s core vulnerability is shame, they are naturals)

In Summary…

As INTJ’s we take everything seriously, whether it’s finding love or building a business. Chances are we’ve read a zillion articles on every subject our fingers can Google, though no matter how much reading we do, there are certain non-functional traits we are just not naturally wired for. In these cases, if you can’t find a business that allows you to work in solitude in a back room (like application development, website templates, building tangible products, etc.), then embracing these challenges and finding ways to overcome is your only hope to success.

Now what are you doing still reading this, go conquer the world!


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