Eating my way through New York…

So as I’m finding myself leaving New York in just a few short days, I’ve been thinking about what the restaurants are that I will miss the most. I’m sure ‘real’ New Yorkers would disagree with my list, but I wanted to list out the places I loved…

11 Madison

Ok, so this is a Michelin starred restaurant on everyone who knows food’s list, though having been to a few of the others this one is my favorite. They are so concerned with your experience they do everything they can to make you happy. Don’t like a few items on the tasting menu, no worries, they’ll swap things around. Don’t want to pay full price for the wine pairing, no worries, they’ll customize a pairing based on your budget. The food is incredible, the service amazing, it is my #1 restaurant hands down. Expect to pay $300-500/person.

Salvation Taco

Although not Michelin starred, the chef here is. Seemingly a trendy funky taco place in a hotel this place serves some amazing and creative tacos. Cocktails are really good and they have an upstairs rooftop for summer days. It’s got a really cool and fun vibe, definitely something different than your average midtown restaurant.


In the Financial District on Stone Street, this cool wine and whisky bar has a really fun vibe in a small dimly lit trendy space. The wine list is large, but more notably is their whisky list. They have flights of either, which is also cool. Though who wants to drink without food, not me. Unlike most wine bars, the food here is notable. It’s tasty and creative small plates which are fun for sharing and definitely fill you up.

Chef’s Table

In SoHo by the REI (love REI!!), this place brings together amazing cuisines and culinary styles from various chefs. The space is clean and modern with an open kitchen to watch the chef’s in action. The food is delicious and the menu changes often. Ingredients are fresh and seasonal. Absolutely amazing every time.

The Milling Room

Fun space up near the museums in Upper West with a big open floor plan and high ceilings. The food is incredible with farm to table style ingredients. Creative entrees and a wonderful wine list, with wine tastings. Absolutely delicious.

Tao Downtown

A bit of a chain, but still a very fun experience. This place is setup to look like a Buddhist temple with a section of stadium style seating which is awesome for a couple on a date as you get full view of the whole restaurant below. In the main area toward the back is a Buddhist statue that dominates the room. It’s got a really fun vibe and a delicious and eclectic menu.

I could probably list a whole slew of other options, but these are the ones I tended to gravitate toward the most. Hope you can enjoy one or all of these some day!



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