My favorite travel gadgets…

Since I’ve got travel on the brain, I thought I’d dedicate this blog to my favorite travel gadgets. Oooh gadgets! Yay! Admittedly most of them are electronics… hmm, I wonder what that says about me.  In no particular order…

SD Card to iPhone/iPad Reader


Ok, this one is a must for anyone who does long trips and takes lots of photos. Who wants to lug your laptop around simply to download photos. Ugh, heavy! They make Android versions too, btw. I tend to travel with my SLR camera (which isn’t on the list because I LOVE it for more than just travel!) and have been known to take an enormously large amount of photos. This allows me to quickly download onto my iPad and I’m back in action.


iPad/iPhone/SLR tripod


Ok, so I’m a huge fan of multi-functional things in small format when it comes to travel.  I do a lot of solo travel or couples travel, which means I often find myself in need of a third arm to take photos.  Since that’s not possible, a handy tripod like this does the trick. The cool thing I like about this one is I can use it for both my iPad and my SLR. If that wasn’t cool enough, the legs are flexible so I can make it hug things up high instead of always taking pics from the ground.


USB Charging Station

untitled2-copyOk this thing has saved my bum many times. Not only does it have 4 USBs so my iPad, my Android phone, and whomever I’m traveling with can charge it all together, but it also has a regular outlet for my camera battery.  If that wasn’t enough to win me over, the 5 ft cord did the trick. Why do they put outlets so hard to reach in hotels rooms, really! This station lets me keep it on the bed stand no matter how inconvenient the outlet is, love it!


Outlet Adapter

untitled1-copyIf you plan to leave your local country it’s highly likely wherever you’re going will have a different outlet style.  I’m not a fan of carrying around a bunch of different plugs or wondering if I have the right one which is why I typically do small multi-functional devices.  I like this one because it’s smaller than most and it has 2 USB ports – sweet!!


Ex Officio

If you’ve read any of my packing blogs, you’ll have noticed I’m a huge fan of Ex Officio. They make all sorts of travel clothes and I got to tell you, once you start wearing them it’s hard to go back. I own all sorts of stuff from them – socks, underwear, shirts, shorts, pants, you name it. If you haven’t checked them out before, definitely worth doing.

Pac Safe

Similarly, if you’ve read my packing blogs you’ll see me mention Pac Safe… like a bunch. I did save them for last as these guys are my all time favorite travel company. Love them! If you’ve read some of my ‘life’ blogs you’ll know I’m somewhat risk adverse, so a travel company focused on safety is my kind of company! They have suitcases, camera straps, locks, purses, and more. All designed to minimize people slashing your bag or busting your zipper or getting at your goods.

What about you? Any cool travel gadgets on your must carry list?



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