Texting & tiny keyboards…

Is it just me, or do you often watch these twenty somethings quickly hammer out texts while you find yourself taking what feels like eternity to type one silly sentence.  The little typing icon showing to the other person for far too long they think you’re either typing a novel or second guessing everything you’re saying. Of course when the result comes back with only a handful of words, I wonder which assumption they just made!


To circumvent this, I’ve found myself migrating to almost exclusively texting through my laptop. If I’m home and working, I’m super responsive. My texts are crazy fast and sometimes lengthy. I feel so on top of things and proper with well formatted, full sentences using correct grammar and punctuation.  This has changed the whole experience for me.  However, when I’m caught on the go, sometimes I might defer responding out of dreading using my human-sized fingers on those tiny robot-sized keys. Though if I feel deferring would be received badly, the poor recipient gets my way too short, sometimes difficult to decipher and seemingly illiterate response.

My affinity for online texting started when I was working in an office that didn’t have cell reception and I found the guy I was dating at the time had a hard time believing I wasn’t getting his texts, so that’s when I found Verizon has a free online texting website (and app for your laptop!). My life changed forever at that moment. I think my texting on a cell phones has actually deteriorated for lack of doing it, which is hard to believe was possible as it was pretty bad to start.

From there, I discovered What’s App has an app for my laptop.  Yay! Then I discovered iMessage has an app for my Mac. Double yay! Look at me – I finally feel like I’ve caught up with the 2010’s. I do recognize that even though my generation grew up without cell phones many have actually figured out how to text while on the go.  I admit, I’m slow when it comes to those things. I’m the one who’s cell phone sits in her purse somewhere far out of ear shot, somehow not adapting to this society that expects me to be at the beck and call of my phone all day every day.  I guess I would be considered a cell phone slacker.  I’m okay with this though until it makes a friend or loved one annoyed, then I try, really try, even if to them it still feels like I’m way below adequate, but trying is all you can do right.

I do find it interesting how many texting solutions we have. How people keep up with all of them I don’t know.  I find myself saying no to any new texting app.  Yesterday my friend tried to get to me use Signal. Um no, I have too many already, until I can lose one, I’d prefer not to gain one. Last week another friend asked me to use Allo. Same thing, I can barely keep up on all the ones I do have – Google Voice, What’s App, Verizon, iMessage, and Facebook. Are there others? Not to mention all the emails I get from Hotmail, Gmail, LinkedIn, Instagram, WordPress, Twitter, work accounts, and Meetup. It’s insane. I love how we can easily communicate, but setting boundaries on all the different mediums so you don’t spend your whole life lost behind computer screens or stressed at all the unanswered messages that pile up. Everyone taking it person if you don’t get back to them timely… it’s stressful. Maybe it’s because we didn’t have email growing up, but it seems like we have got ourselves in an unsustainable spiral. Or maybe it’s just me! I don’t know.

I’ve read some great stuff that recommends if you can limit your responses to 1/2 the day and then use the other 1/2 the day to be productive it’s a healthier balance. Though if I limit everyone to the morning, I totally neglect Hawaii.  If I limit everyone to the afternoon, I totally neglect Africa and Europe.  There’s hardly any overlap with Asia already. No winning… I guess if this is life’s current quandary, life must be pretty good. So no complaints here – happy communicating!



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