Under the covers of Myers Briggs…

So I guess it’s about time I address all the questions around ‘what is an INTJ’ and ‘why do I care so much to put it in my URL’ among other questions.  In its simplest description, Wikipedia describes Myers Briggs (MBTI) as “psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions”. In other words, everyone thinks so differently it’s like a road map to why we think the way we do. I like it because it helps me understand people better, to see life through their eyes. The INTJ is called the “Architect” saying we are “imaginative and strategic thinkers, with a plan for everything”. Haha, so true, so true.


There are a ton of different tests you can take online to find out your type, my favorite is 16 Personalities. Similarly, there are a bunch of different sites that say how common or uncommon your type is (who knows how accurate because it’s hard to quantify) but here’s one from My Personality. So for an INTJ female, it says I’m a whopping 0.5% of the population. Like dismal. Like almost non-existent. Which means chances are I don’t think like you and chances are you don’t think like me. Which is why that road map is imperative otherwise I find myself in a constant state of confusion LOL. If you happen to be a fellow female INTJ, I recommend checking out Amanda Evan’s blog for some fun relatable content.

If we break down the MBTI letter by letter, the first options are either I for Introvert or E for Extrovert. I feel like this is by far the most misunderstood though the one people feel like they understand the most. Go figure! First, introvert doesn’t mean socially awkward and extrovert doesn’t mean popular and sociable.  It actually has little to do with that, extroverts can be socially awkward and introverts can be popular and sociable. What? Yep, really.  So how does this come into play – well, probably my favorite example is – if you’re eating alone, do you often get bored or lonely?  I can only speak for myself, but as an Introvert I’ve never felt bored, it’s an emotion I don’t have nor do I understand. Lonely is something that I experience so rarely when it happens it usually baffles me.  Hence the roadmap ; )

The second letter is N for Intuitive and S for Sensing. It’s more on how you see the world and process information.  Sensing people tend to see the world as it is or as it has been. Whereas intuitive people tend to be imaginative and curious, sometimes living in their heads.  How does this play out? For example, can you experience the present?  Again, I can only speak for me, but no matter how hard I try, it takes a huge act of consciousness for me to be present. Of course when I’m in a conversation, I’m very present, listening to everything and trying to understand. But get me alone, wandering through the world, and I’m likely day dreaming of some new business I can start or a romantic date idea. I’m rarely experiencing the present – which means you’ll seldom ever hear me complain about what happened that day, even if someone yelled at me, spilled something on me, or ran into me because it bounced off me immediately. I was already back in action planning day dream land.

The third letter is T for Thinking and F for Feeling. This distinction is not saying Feeling people can’t or don’t think. It’s saying Feeling people tend to be more sensitive and emotionally expressive. If you think of John Gray’s book ‘Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars’, it’s as though he was talking about how incredibly different Thinking (Mars) and Feeling (Venus) people are.  Though what happens if you’re a man who is Feeling/Venus or a woman who is Thinking/Mars. Well, I can tell you first hand, it can make life very difficult. As a Thinking woman, people expect me to be a Feeling woman. Why, because if you tally up all the Feeling Females it’s about 65-70%. So it’s no wonder people interpret what I say and do as if I was a Feeling woman, it’s what they know. Though  it often leads to making some pretty inaccurate assumptions and somehow I typically pay the price for it. Why, because I’m the anomaly. The power is with the masses. What’s the lesson here, different isn’t always bad, sometimes it’s just different.

The last but not least of the options is J for Judging and P for Perceiving.  Of course on the surface everyone wants to be a P right, who wants to be known for Judging? I do, I do. Haha, ok, I’m a little biased, but really, Judging individuals tend to be decisive, organized, and thorough. Perceiving individuals tend to be flexible, relaxed and take life as it comes. I’m a huge J, it’s totally how I’m wired. P’s tell me all the time ‘wow, you’re so organized’ though it’s how I live my life. Have you seen my packing blogs yet ; ) Though my J is a double-edge sword. I think if paired with an F, it could be softer, but paired with a T, I’m like this robotic work machine at times just cranking out widgets, typically under budget and over quality. Go go gadget arms! Wee!

Haha, but I don’t mind, it’s me, and I accept me for all my weirdness and awesomeness combined. I think we have to right? If we didn’t, life would be miserable! All joking aside, I think each of us is truly awesome so it does baffle me when people don’t see themselves as the awesome humans they are. Just think how incredible this world would be if we didn’t have insecurity?  Insecurity fuels criticisms and judgement so if that could be gone could we be left with just pure amazingness!! Awe…  Ok, anyhow, big digression.

If you are interested, here’s a fun read from Heidi Priebe on the MBTI types.



2 thoughts on “Under the covers of Myers Briggs…

  1. I’m an ESTJ. I met an INTJ woman recently and we have a lot in common; I admire the way she thinks. It’s the same reason why I followed your blog. Although you think you may be relatively alone in your thinking, it’s important to note that MBTI is much more complex than the four letters. Look into the functions of your type (Ni, Te, Fi and Se) and you’ll find that you have more in common with the general population than you think.


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