Thailand, 11 days, 1 carry-on…

Thank you for everyone’s feedback on my earlier packing article, some of you requested I share packing tips from my summer trip to Thailand.  What a lovely adventure that was.  If you’ve never been before, it’s an amazing country filled with beautiful country sides, breath taking beaches and a rich history.


On this trip, I travelled to Bangkok, the capital, then flew north to Chiang Mai, took the bus back south to Sukothai, then flew thru Bangkok on to Phuket for some beach time. It was 11 wonderful days with so many experiences.  June was the beginning of rainy season and we certainly encountered some mid-day rains.  The humidity was fierce in Bangkok, but the other cities were a bit milder.

My Pack / “Suitcase”

We did quite a few transfers, so I selected a backpack instead of a suitcase for mobility.  From top left to bottom right…thailandpacking1

Swim gear – 3 bikinis, 1 cover-up, 1 foldable hat, and sunglasses

8 summer dresses – one for each full day in Thailand – instead of 4 shorts / skirts + 4 shirts, I went for the ease and efficiency of one piece outfits

Shoes – 1 pair sandals w/heels for going out and 1 pair flip flops

Rain gear – 1 travel umbrella, 3 disposable ponchos easy to stuff in my purse

Jewelry – 3 necklaces, 3 pair earrings – all costume, nothing fancy

Extra bag (collapsable) in case of purchases

Toiletry bag – shampoo, conditioner, suntan lotion, bug spray, travel Febreeze for sharing bathrooms, contact solution

Pajama dress

Baby wipes for hot sweaty days and my red Tumi case with extra bra and panties (only 4 Exofficio to clean and re-wear)

Active gear – Board shorts, long sleeve surf top, packable small towel, and waterproof bag

Water bottle (fits in purse)

Laundry gear – Tide travel packages, small clothes line travel clips, sink stopper, and a travel clothesline

Electronics – outlet adapter, extra SD cards, camera battery charger, USB charging station with cords for Android phone and iPad, and Nikon 1 camera with 10-110 lens

Pac safe travel purse – used as ‘day pack’ and fits camera, water bottle, & stuff for the day

Lonely Planet Thai language packet size book (if you have free data coverage abroad, you can ditch this)

Toiletries – Cottenelle wipes, nail polish remover, shout wipes, bug spray wipes, hair brush, make-up, perfume, deodorant, tweezers, nail clippers, razor, toothbrush, and floss

Airplane Bag

It’s important to know that everything I’m bringing will be carried on, no checked luggage.  Though this explains the bag I keep under my seat for easy access.

thailandpack2Cleaning wipes – to sanitize armrest and tray table

Vitamin C packs

Baby wipes

External charger

Travel pillow and blanket

Japanese language book – for the transfer in Tokyo


Pharmacy pack – extra contacts, Benadryl, Claritin, chewable Pepto, Tylenol, chewable vitamins, and Tylenol flu tablets

Ear buds

Money belt

Airplane socks w/grip bottoms (thanks to a prior United Business Class flight)

Essentials – comb to tame hair after 24 hours of travel, face wipe, hand sanitizer wipe, breath mints, lotion, chapstick, hand sanitizer, eye glass cleaner (also cleans camera lens), and portable flashlight

Travel itinerary case – (again, thanks to United) contains print outs of all the hotels, flights, copy of my passport, my passport, travel insurance printouts, various maps, extra passport pics, and emergency cash

iPad plus keyboard

Collapsable bag with case – perfect for airplane and doubles as beach bag

Airplane Clothes

I typically wear these on the way there and on the way home, cleaning at some point in betweenthailandpack3

Long sleeve Exofficio shirt – perfect for keeping warm on the plane or protection from the sun, this was by far my favorite and most used item on the trip

Cotton tank top

Linen pants – great for temples & airplane rides

Croc Jelly flats – cute & perfect for the rain!


In summary, if space was an issue, I would have reduced the number of clothes and random comforts.  Similarly, if weight was an issue, I would have ditched the language books and external charger.  My packing list is very comfortable, so lots of room to reduce if needed.  Here’s what it all packs down to.  Hope this helps!



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