10 things I learned from living in Manhattan…


As I’m getting ready to leave NY, I’m often asked what are the things I learned from living in Manhattan.  It’s hard to answer because I learned so much and quite frankly I could probably write hundreds of articles on what it’s like to date in New York, but if I focus on some of the things that I found unique about the transition from other cities, it would look something like this:

1. Never go into an empty subway car – either the A/C is out, someone deficated/urinated, or there’s a homeless person who smells unbearable

2. Expect to keep hearing from guys you’ve gone on dates with, even years later – it seems once you’re in their rolodex, you’re there for good

3. Amuse bouche is a small savory item nice restaurants bring out complimentary before the appetizer so you get a flavor of the chef’s style

4. Many people use their kitchen for storing clothes so if you’re one of those people like me that love to cook, prepare to be the odd man out (or learn to LOVE Seamless!)

5. Unlike other cities, if you forget to click a ‘max’ value on rentals you will be scrolling through pages and pages of $30,000/mo+ apartments, yes, no joke

6. Manhattan is a player’s heaven, infidelity is common and don’t be surprised if a married man openly hits on you or tries to kiss you in public, with his wedding ring in plain site

7. If you buy clothes in lower Manhattan, expect to wait in 30+ min lines to try something on, and another 30+ to pay (i.e. you will learn to LOVE online shopping!)

8. Most apartment buildings are old, so expect unusual configurations and places that feel like that rundown college house you rented decades ago

9. Expect to wash and dry your clothes like you did in college – in a communal laundry room, likely in the basement, even if you pay over $3,000/mo in rent (for your studio!)

10. It’s all about who you know – everything is based on connections and relationships, build them, build them fast, you will need them, for everything

I’m sure the first thing I’ll hear from my New York friends is – why is your list so negative, this city is awesome.  They’ll be right.  It’s because New York does an amazing job of sharing all of it’s awesomeness so nothing surprised me there and this is things I learned not things I knew before coming. ; )

It’s true New York does have lots of cool things, anyone living here can tell you that.  Though the things that don’t always get shared are the things that make the transition to New York a little more unique than other cities.  So this isn’t meant to be a dig on New York, this is meant to be helpful to anyone moving here. Would love to hear comments on what you find different about the city!



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