On to greener pastures…


Leaving New York City can be a world of emotions.  Prior to moving to NYC, I was filled with joy and excitement and wonderment for what could be and all the things that could be done.  Though as the days moved on and the city became home, a routine set in and it became an act of consciousness to continue the things that motivated the move in the first place.

To be honest, New York City has taught me so much, far more than I would have ever thought it would (more on that in future blogs LOL).  The leaving process is interesting because many New Yorkers have so much pride in their city that unless the city is rejecting you like week old bread it’s assumed you will love New York, you will embrace it in all it’s glory, and you will revel in the pride of living in “the center of the world” as they call it.  Which means for the proud New Yorker if the city isn’t rejecting you, and you’re prospering and appear well-adjusted, then it becomes personal. You have officially rejected New York.  Try that on for size with the most loyal city…

Really, I’ve been lucky, most of my friends understand why I’m leaving and recognize not staying doesn’t mean NY is bad or I am bad, it just means the two aren’t a fit made in heaven LOL.  On a visit to Hawaii a couple weeks back, I sent one of my friends a picture of a chicken walking around the restaurant floor saying “Haha so NY has the random rat on restaurant patios, Hawaii has the random chicken! LMAO”. I think that says everything.  On a walk back from the grocery this week, yes, a walk, 1/2 mile walk each way, I was greeted with the ever present aroma of urine filled streets, grocery bags grading into my shoulders, cars honking, and people yelling.  Ah New York.

Ok so that’s some of the not so fun parts of New York, but in it’s whole it offers so many more experiences than you can ever imagine.  Really a pocket for just about everyone.  The trick is finding your pocket.  Plus the cool part about New York is that most of the inconvenient things can be automated if you have the funds.  The things most of us New Yorkers love – Seamless, Amazon Prime, and Uber. Oh don’t get me started, Seamless is the greatest thing since sliced bread. You can literally get anything and everything food wise delivered to your door step in less than an hour.

Besides all the amazing friends I’ve met in New York, probably the thing I’ll miss the most is having incredible architecture surrounding you.  Everywhere you look there’s something beautiful to see.  It’s like old meets new – there’s modern and historic, there’s bridges and buildings, there’s art.  I wish I could spend an entire week just roaming the streets taking pictures… but alas, another reason to come back!

The things I’ll miss second – having incredible cuisine a quick subway hop away, Michelin starred restaurants, international airports to jet away on direct flights as far as Hong Kong, and all the natural beauty close by with parks, hiking trails along the Hudson, kayaking, you name it.

Though it is time to go… no matter how many wonderful experiences and incredibly amazing people I met in New York, there comes a time when you have to assess if this is where you see the rest of your life.  After dating a bunch of native New Yorkers I came to the realization if I stayed, it’s likely my future husband would want to stay in New York and I wasn’t sure this is where I wanted to raise my kids.  Not to say there’s anything wrong with New York, just I’m not sure it’s for me.

So the question I get now is ‘where to next’ and my answer remains, I have no clue. LOL. I’m taking some time to roam the world, but I’ll decide in November for certain after I ‘find myself’, if that type of thing is even possible.

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